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How old is Filadelfia

22 Years

What is Filadelfia's core ministry/business

The equipping of persons for, as well as the doing of the ministry of Pastoral Coaching, Care, Teaching, and Evangelism as an act of Worship unto God.

Is Filadelfia a ministry?

Yes, we are interdenominational and focus on what binds the Body of Christ.

Is Filadelfia accredited?

Our general recognition lies outside South Africa, which makes our ministry training non-formal. Currently, Filadelfia is approved by the Miami International Seminary (MINTS), who also issue the qualifications. MINTS is a Florida Department of Education registered Presbyterian Seminary.

Filadelfia is currently not a provider of Private Higher Education.

How did Filadelfia begin?

Filadelfia commenced in 1994 as a support group for depression sufferers. Out of this grew the need for a pastoral equipping ministry.

Who confers qualifications to Filadelfia candidates?
Are the courses registered with SAQA?

Not at present.

Why are courses currently not registered with SAQA?
  • Filadelfia is actively trying to navigate a path while remaining uncompromisingly faithful to the heart of the ministry, which the Lord has called into being.
  • Filadelfia has lodged an application with the CHE, SAQA, and the DHET. Please do check in regularly on our progress.
  • This process does take time, but our progress has been steady.
Will a National University receive a MINTS qualification?

MINTS & Filadelfia cannot speak on behalf of a National University but can report as follows:

  • Filadelfia has an articulation agreement with the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) – (SATS is CHE, SAQA & DHET registered).
  • Persons can thus continue training through SATS to obtain an NQF-rated qualification if they so wish, pending a successful application.
  • National Universities have sometimes accepted students, and sometimes not. Bridging may apply in some cases, depending on the applicant & applicant’s inquiry.
  • Note that a qualification is one of many factors in determining whether or not an applicant is successful.  Other factors include space in the program, academic performance in previous studies, nature of previous studies about the course applied for, ability to pay, personal vision & goals, suitability of the applicant to the program itself and results of interviews.
Can SAQA evaluate MINTS qualifications?
  • No, because it is not within SAQA’s mandate to do so.
  • RPL (Recognition of prior learning) would have to be done by a Theological training provider.
  • However, matters do meet SAQA’s two main known assessment criterion on 20 January 2014:
  • (1) a qualification in the country of origin and
  • (2) recognition in the USA’s system according to policies.
  • Filadelfia will provide assistance to persons wishing to transfer.
What are the costs?

The fee structure is very straightforward; please consult the brochure for costs as well as an interest-free payment plan.



Why are some other courses out there cheaper?
  • Filadelfia has a student to study leader ratio of less than 20:1.
  • Filadelfia chooses to journey closely with students and to support them through life’s ups and downs.
  • The qualification conferring body ( is registered with a Department of Education.  Such registration makes the qualification conferred lawfully.
  • Filadelfia does not rely on accredited membership of separate organisations & associations (which are not academic accreditors), nor do we create the illusion of being accredited by a National University – which is, in any case, unlawful.
  • Costs include the supervising of the practical application of theory and skills.
  • Contact sessions are included which are essential for translating theory into Christian practice.
  • The material is kept fresh through regular updating.
Are the courses flexible enough to fit a busy schedule?

Yes. There are two intakes per annum, and the option is available to extend matters.

Most students, however, manage to complete training in one year.

Can Filadelfia courses be taken individually?


Will credits from previous schools be accepted?

We will gladly evaluate such. We will require an academic CV, transcriptions and we may request a portfolio of evidence if needed.

How is a course mentor contacted?

Together with the study material is an administrative manual with all contact particulars.

Can one register as a counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)?
  • No.  The HPCSA’s mandate is limited to medical disciplines.
  • Pastoral work is a subject of Theology and, therefore, a ministry unto God.
  • Effectively, one cannot claim from a medical fund for ministry.
With whom can I affiliate myself as a counselor/therapist /coach/caregiver/life-skill facilitator with a MINTS qualification?

Membership is recommended by Filadelfia to the following organisations, who are reputablerepresentative of and carry the best interest of the ministry of Pastoral care:

  • Council for Counselors in South Africa (
    • (who are a professional board)
  • Coaches and Mentors South Africa (
    • (Coaching professional board)
  • American Association of Christian Counselors in SA. (
    • (as a Para-professional practitioner)
Can Filadelfia ordain a person into ministry?


Filadelfia will ordain persons into the ministry of Pastoral Care, functioning under Filadelfia Ministries, after successful application.

“Individuals studying to fulfil educational requirements for ministerial credentials at their denomination should refer to the credentialing information of their Church Denomination or Fellowship.”

Persons should contact their Church’s district or regional office to determine the appropriate requirements and to ensure that the program they wish to complete will assist them in qualifying to receive credentials.

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