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MyFiladelfia.com South Africa produces students who experience abundant victory in Jesus Christ while being provided to help broken and hurting people, through a process of healing and renewal, done through His Holy Spirit. MyFiladelfia equips Biblical counsellors, coaches, mentors and facilitators to give Biblical support to clients as they face life’s problems, relationship crises, as well as difficult circumstances arising from living in a world that needs Jesus Christ. Training happens in English and Afrikaans in an open distance learning format, supported by two-three day interactive contact sessions per year. Students get equipped with theory and practice.

MyFiladelfia encourages students toward an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as they learn to apply Biblical principles to everyday living. As a result of this, inner healing and renewal occur through His Holy Spirit followed by growth into spiritual and emotional maturity. Students learn to work with individuals, groups, and the community. Well-trained supervisors oversee the activities of student pastoral counsellors. MyFiladelfia provides relevant Biblical Christian Pastoral Counselling skills-development. As part of an international network, MyFiladelfia empowers the Body of Christ through training, cooperation, and partnering.

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